Cliff Rostomily

Research Associate 3

My research interests include characterizing immunologic cues that shape immune responses using multi-omic modeling, meta-analysis and experimental automation. I am currently undertaking systems-level approaches to study the human immune response to Lyme disease, investigating the link between small changes in NOD1 expression and gastric cancer and investigating cytokine networks in infection and cancer using irregularly sampled longitudinal data. My hobbies are whitewater kayaking, skiing, backpacking, fishing, electronics and brewing cider.

B.S. Biochemistry

B.S. Applied Computational Math Sciences

Certificate in Electrical Engineering Foundations (Completed 2019)

Computation, multi-omic modeling, meta-analysis

Leah M. Rommereim, Ajay Suresh Akhade, Bhaskar Dutta, Carolyn Hutcheon, Nicolas W.Lounsbury, Clifford C. Rostomily, Ram Savan, Iain D. C. Fraser, Ronald N. Germain, and NaehaSubramanian. A sustained small increase in NOD1 expression promotes ligand-independentoncogenic activity.Science Signaling, In Press. Publisher: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory_preprint:

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